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Always the Best Friend and Never a Girlfriend

Dear Deb, What is the true difference between a best friend and a girlfriend (besides one’s more affectionate than the other)? I always seem to fall into the friend category or the “sex buddy” category. But I never really get stuck in the girlfriend category.
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How Can I Make Him “See The Light”

Dear Deb, I met this guy a year and a half ago. We had dated about 5 months soon after we met. He had a divorce a little before we met (and has nearly a 2 year old child). Thus a mistake on my part for even going there that soon. Since then we’ve been good friends. More
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I Always Cry At the End of the Night

Dear Deb, I have been with my current boyfriend Jason for almost a year and a half. Almost a year and three months longer than any of my previous relationships. Because of his job (he works 12 hour days) I only see him once or twice a week. Lately every time we end our night
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