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May 2013

Always the Best Friend and Never a Girlfriend

Dear Deb, What is the true difference between a best friend and a girlfriend (besides one’s more affectionate than the other)? I always seem to fall into the friend category or the “sex buddy” category. But I never really get stuck in the girlfriend category.
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My Mother-In-Law is Driving Me Crazy

Dear Deb, My Mother-in-Law was talking to my husband (her son) and she said “I love you so much my heart aches for you.” What does that mean? He is an only child and his Mom and Dad are married but not happily married. My husband visits her every other day and she
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Help I Think I Might Be Pregnant

Dear Deb, I think I might be pregnant. I have this funny feeling and my period is late. I am 15 years old and my parents would kill me if they found out. I don’t know what to do. Please help!!! Scared and worried Dear Scared and worried, Get a home pregnancy test (you can
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Is a Kiss Cheating?

Dear Deb, I am a happily married professional and a Mom, but lately I’ve been attracted to another man. Without going into detail, he’s someone that I see once a month (because of the nature of his job). I only enjoyed his stimulating company and sense of humor until
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My Husband Goes to Strip Clubs

Dear Deb, I’m a 25 year old married female, my husband has a past hisory of going to strip clubs. We have been together three years (married for 2months). He does not go out like he used to, but sometimes he still has to go to the nude bars with his single friends. I dont
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Is it OK for a Married Woman to Have a Male Friend?

Dear Deb, I was wondering what your opinion was on having male friends if one is married. For me it would be for emotional support and to do some fun things. I don’t always get everything I need out of my marriage and I think this would keep me happier as a person. Your
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How Can I Make Him “See The Light”

Dear Deb, I met this guy a year and a half ago. We had dated about 5 months soon after we met. He had a divorce a little before we met (and has nearly a 2 year old child). Thus a mistake on my part for even going there that soon. Since then we’ve been good friends. More
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